Is Gluten the evil everyone makes out?

I have always held to the line “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.” this is something that holds true when it comes to nutrition, in terms of the obesity epidemic we are faced with as a global society. We seem to be doing the same damn thing over and over again and how big that the globes human inhabitants will just magically get better. Why the heck do we as a society continue to accept that putting what essentially amounts to a very low nutritionally valuable source of food into our systems. Yes, I am referring to grains here and the predominant version of them which humans consume, the refined type. There is very little need for whole grains in our diet let alone the volume of refined grain which is consumed by global societies. Take a look at the words in the photo, “70% of the total calories Americans consume” I believe you don’t have to be a scientist or a degree certified person to see there is an issue here. Those numbers could quite easily be applied to New Zealand due to the fact that we seem to more closely align with the US in terms of behaviour than our traditional mother land the UK, though I’d also wager the UK probably ain’t far off those numbers either.

Why does it bother me so much, I believe we need to do some thing about it as a society and stop being led up the garden path by big organisations that care less about the health of there end consumers than they do about the obscene profits they earn by pedaling this Frankenstein shit they call food to us.

What can we do? We can get educated and take in the messages which are easy to find now and make our own informed choices. I’m fully aware there are crack pots out there telling us all sorts of bullshit as well, just beware of this. Remember the email from Nigeria, if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.

The answer to my question “Is Gluten the evil everyone makes out?” is yes on two fronts. You don’t require grains, that include gluten, in your diet to live a healthy and full life. The second front is that where there is big money tied up in industry around the whole life cycle of grain from paddock to plate and this is where the most “evil” exists, there are issues with going down a path of removing what I see as a completely unnecessary part of our collective food chain which is nothing to do with the nutritional value of the food source.

The collective insanity will be guided by greed and money and this will take a long time to change.

Getting fit and healthy can be frustrating!

Sometimes, I just think “screw it all, it is so much easier to eat and do no exercise like I have in the past” and then I get over myself. This is not say I won’t continue to have lapses in focus and attention to the detail on the way I eat or exercise, I am just learning to be a little more forgiving of myself. I believe it is just about getting to the point where it is just what you do and eating with exercise is just a part of your day.

When is that point you may be asking, I think it varies for different people and has a lot to do with where you are at mentally in life. I believe it is necessary for you to be comfortable with where life is taking you before it becomes easier to deal with eating well and exercising properly just takes it course. What do I mean by this, well I believe you have to be comfortable with the following things in general, there may be more and I welcome your comments:

  • The relationship with your partner
  • The relationship with your kids if you have them
  • The relationship with your parents
  • The relationship with your siblings
  • The relationship with your friends
  • The relationship with your work colleagues
  • Do you have a direction in your life you are super satisfied with
  • Do you have a purpose
  • Do you do things on a daily basis that support your purpose
  • Do you “believe” in something that helps support your purpose and vice versa
  • Do you live with passion
  • Crikey the list could go on and I am not a psychologist or a self-help guru, although I think you will get my point

    While all of the above are important things to get in place and be comfortable with, I believe it all becomes easier when you are “fit and healthy”. Actually I contend that fit and healthy are one and the same thing and they are not mutually exclusive.

    Lets just say focusing on becoming fit will make the list above much easier to achieve or at least deal with as you are defining or reconciling what everything is and how it fits together.

    Living Fit

    What is it to be Living Fit? I believe that Living Fit is about eating in a healthy way and maintaining a sustained approach to exercise no matter the number of years we have reached.

    If you consider the CrossFit definition of fitness in the article at the following location, What is fitness? and the view health is a continuum with a scale that has “sickness” at one end, “wellness” in the middle and “fitness” at the other end, I believe we have a huge opportunity as a society to change.

    To change what we eat, how we eat it, what exercise we do and how we do that exercise will benefit us all in ways we don’t normally think about. We will have more capacity for a lot more things than the average person connects to being “fit”. The things I am referring to are as follows, there are many more you can all probably think about too:

    • Be more productive in the work we undertake
    • Spend less time being sick
    • Enjoy our children and families more
    • Be less tired all of the time
    • Be less stressed
    • Be more cognisant of our bodies and of those around us
    • Be more open minded due to having more energy and being “fitter”
    • Put less environmental tax on the planet we live in
    • Improve our chances of not needing hospital for a lot longer
    • Feel happier
    • Have more time in general
    • etc, etc, you get the picture

    We need to stop accepting everything we are told about what is healthy in general, for to long I have accepted what I have learnt and been told. We need to take responsibility for our health in ways we have never had to consider before. I believe we have developed a society at large which thinks “it will be okay on the day”, this is a level of acceptance that needs to be challenged.

    If we all put as much focus in to our health as we do at climbing the corporate or social ladders of our immediate environments then there probably wouldn’t be waiting lists at our hospitals waiting for all sorts of health problems.

    It is my belief we have become lazy as a society and choose not to challenge the status quo due to the fact we believe we all couldn’t be led up the garden path when it comes to our health. We need to be focussed on how to keep the hormone called insulin in balance. Simply, if we eat foods which increases our insulin levels then our bodies are likely to store energy we don’t use as fat.

    More ravings and random thoughts to come soon.