Who is Darryl?

I am Darryl, and I am incredibly passionate about health, fitness and technology and that makes me a little “weird”.

I am an intellectual and I enjoy to discover new knowledge and I spend an inordinate amount of time with my nose buried in a “book” or scouring the internet for details on subjects that take my fancy.

I am courageous and take on my own fear with regularity. I like to try new things and challenge my intellect be seeking new information.

I am confident when I first meet people and have an easy ability to talk to someone whilst learning about them with a genuine desire to know them. I enjoy being with people and seeing them improve themselves by making small, incrementally significant steps towards better versions of themselves. Having said that I am also comfortable in my own company and need regular time by myself to reflect and re-energise myself.

I firmly believe I have been put on this earth to challenge the status quo and I enjoy looking at things from all sides to get rich perspective enabling me to rock my own beliefs or values so as to get a better all-around view of life in general.

I can seem to be aloof at times as well, I assure you I am most probably just lost in thought about something which has taken my fancy or piqued my curiosity. My intellect often gets the better of me and has me meandering around in my own thoughts thinking about things like “is genetic modification just a form of evolution” or “how do we break down political barriers now that we have such a “big” world due to things like social media…”.

I love my wife Lesley and the children, Stacy, Aliesha, Ashleigh and Jessica we raise together. I love rugby, great food, our dog Murph, drinking a nice IPA beer and eating a great BBQ’d steak. Lifting heavy shit has fascinated me for years and I love to mix that up with CrossFit, though I don’t move as fast as I once used to 😊.

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